Monday, February 23, 2009

A small addition to blogspot..a giant step for me...

Hiya all, after afflicting most of my friends; the bug for blogging has also bitten me. But regrettably most of the goings-on in my life are either:
  1. too mundane to sustain the enthusiasm with which anyone may visit my blog OR
  2. far too sensationally gossip provoking
Now the thoughtful, considerate person that I am (aahh....blogging does confer upon you the right to brag about yourself to your heart's content and that too in front of billions of people-leave aside the fact that not all of them will be visiting my page :P ) I would not like to bore my fans.

Yet on the other hand unlike a friend of mine who delights in leaving cryptic clues to his personal life via blogspot, I definitely do not aspire for the admonishments that are certain if I were to blog about some realllly blogable stuff in my life.

So what will I be blogging about?

Apart from spending the significant majority of the daily 24 hours doing total random TP stuff like waiting on Gtalk & longing to strike up chats with people who don't exist on my list, going swimming when I have a real bad cold, bunking lectures just when it is the season of surprise tests, checking my email every 15 minutes waiting for someone to confirm an accommodation for me in Berlin during my summer internship and giving missed calls to my friends in the LTs(Lecture Theaters for the uninitiated) hoping that someone will have forgotten to keep his cell on silent (I am really a very nice and lovable guy-just not always and hearing about compiler and interpreted languages (PLCC really does suck bigtime!) for more than 30 minutes always brings out a hidden malicious streak in me :P )...some more "constructive" things that I do are:
  • watch movies
  • read novels on Indian mythology
  • cycle, jog, swim
  • mull over stuff like MBA vs MS and why one shouldn't use gmail when sentimental
  • read motivational, inspirational stuff-stories, quotes, pics-sab kuch...
Now, while you can expect some occasional articles on progress towards the 1 minute length swim or 4.5 minute mile run or about some really engrossing accounts of (and harmlessly public) experiences in my life like whether I make it to the waves dance workshop in my final semester (it does look unlikely though but who knows ;) the maximum number of my blogs will be on some exceptionally inspirational or motivational stories that I have come across ( that was kindof obvious from the blog title!). Now I intend to include most stories from my collection from the net and if they have authors then the writers will be given due credit. However in this open source age as with most things, the stories too are under the GNU GPL :P

As such you can expect to find gr8 stories, anecdotes, quotes, links to inspirational ebooks,songs,ppts,wallpapers and much more on my blog. You are welcome to further plagiarize the already plagiarized stuff! My only intention is brightening up the day(or nites for owls like me) of all the people who visit my blog with a daily/nightly dose of motivational inspiration!

Something to think about......

Once all village people decided to pray for rain.On the day of prayer all people gathered and only one boy came with an umbrella...That's FAITH!

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